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Asset CirculationBit Assets Cross-Chain Circulation
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The public chain ecological scenario has been deployed and the block chain financial transaction tools are under development

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The Logic of Asset | IMAX's "Monetary Revolution"

IMAX's account control program, stable cross-chain structure and unique consensus agreement provide powerful firepower for the upcoming monetary revolution.
IMAX Master Program
  • Asset Issuance Program
  • Asset Management Program
  • Consensus Program(IMAX-SDK)
IMAX Advantages
  • Realize the free flow of bit assets
  • User privacy can be fully guaranteed
  • Normalized asset mapping
Through the technical architecture of IMAX, the mapping of bit assets can be realized , and the chain of real-world assets can be realized through blockchain technology.
IBC Adventanges
  • The communication between IMAX-SDK-based block chains and existing PoW-based block chains can be realized
  • IBC communication protocol can interact with IMAX-Hub and broaden its application scope

IMAX-Campus Ecological Application Scene

IMAX will establish a complete ecological system, promote the exchange and circulation of integrals between different application scenarios, implement two-way anonymity rules through block chains, protect the privacy of users in the chain, and realize the safe circulation of passes. The significance of IMAX ecological scene construction lies in reshaping the value distribution system in the scenarios of "campus", "industrial park", "shopping mall" and so on.
Multidimensional "Value" Generation
Internal members of the ecosystem can get token through many channels, such as class check-in, calculating rent, intra-campus trading market, etc.
Token's Circulation and Realization
The IMAX Foundation encourages users to "manage their wallets" so that they can get more tokens through it. Of course, we will also develop Realization flow channels.
More entertainment models
The "4G" era facilitates the creation of short videos, while "5G" will further accelerate the creation of such videos as Vlogs.IMAX provides ecological participants with a way to upload Vlogs. We encourage participants to record their lives through IMAX blockchain.

Token Distribution


IMAX Financial Analysis Tools

Transaction method:In theory, Customer can build their own trading strategies using the basic data and package modules provided by IMAX.Imax Blockchain:All leasing activities are confirmed by the IMAX blockchain, and the IMAX Foundation will regularly rewards active policy contributors.

Save&verification and Rental service:Customer can save their trading strategies locally.The packaged strategies can be rentaled by other people, IMAX will also update strategy model.

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Developed by an expert team

Apoorv Saxena
Chief Scientist
Former Morgan Morgan Chase Blockchain and Financial Architecture Leader Ph.D. from Stanford University, USA, Visiting Professor at Peking University. He has been the head of financial derivatives product development for JP Morgan for 15 years and is responsible for leading the development of financial information system architecture for large institutions. He is a technical expert with very deep quantitative experience in financial derivatives transactions.
Iñaki Olano
Former researcher at the "Frontier Technology" Institute in Europe Desingune Consultancy co-founder, has led Internet project technology development and product marketing projects in several countries, has rich experience in international project operation, familiar with technology development in the field of blockchain technology in various countries, and has profound knowledge of many mainstream public chains. Understanding.
Olumidé Eraso
IBC Science Manager
Amazon Alexa Technology Development Specialist, Ph.D., Communication and Computer, Emory University. 15 years of computer cryptography analysis and research experience. In 9 years, he is engaged in advanced R&D work in Amazon researcher. He is responsible for trading handshake agreement and platform architecture design and development, and has the international top technology development capability.
Grace W
Marketing Officer
Continental's senior vice president of global marketing, working together on a global scale to provide branding programs to the Asian and US markets, SANYO Business Club is responsible for supply chain business.